just saying "take what you can use".

Discussion created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Jul 10, 2017
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My thought/my opinion:  Take what you can use and leave the rest.  Especially to the newbies. FYI, Sometimes on a virtual website words and expressions can get loss in the crack.  Things can easily be misinterpreted, especially if you are not familiar with the personalities on this site.  This is a very caring diverse group.  Please don't jump to conclusions that someone is intentionally trying to offend you.  That is far from the truth.  As addicts we tend to have a certain amount of denial and defense that comes with us. Which can be part of the letting go process. However, if you are not willing to accept an opinion when you asked or opened up a discussion for help it is best not to counterpunch or abruptly leave.  We are here to help.  You wouldn't be helping yourself by leaving.  Therefore, take what you can use and leave the rest. Don't take it personal.  The elders and the support have experience and you may learn from them if you don't jump to conclusions and take it as a personal attack.   The truth is hard to swallow.   If you are looking for an EXcuse to smoke don't use the EXcommunity.  We are here to help. JS (just saying) Take what you can use and leave the rest.