Beyond Spirometry

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Researchers are looking at alternative ways to measure COPD in order to predict exacerbations and hopefully intervene before it leads to ER visits and hospitalizations. That would be helpful. My last ER Visit at the end of June cost a total of $10,000 and will cost me out of pocket $1,200. Obviously, I can't afford these too often! 

So here's what they're thinking:

Smokers’ hand grip strength predicts respiratory event risk | Opinion, News, The Philippine Star | 

Another point of investigation is how to reduce and control chronic pain for COPD patients that may be caused by comorbidities as well. Less pain means less strain on the lungs and better breathing.

Study Measures Chronic Pain in COPD Patients 

COPD has been overlooked until recently as an old white men's disease but as more folks of all ages are getting diagnosed the research funding picture has changed on all levels. Hospitals are under pressure to slow admissions and readmissions within 30 days. Government is under pressure to control expenses. Researchers are finally getting the resources to develop new diagnostic tools, medicines, and treatments. There is a lot of microbiology opening up looking at proteins and bacteria.

Our job is to individually stay as healthy as we can as much as we can and honestly, it's hard work but R&D will catch up and find better ways to treat and eventually to reverse lung function capacity. I believe this! In our lifetime! In just a few Years! Hang in there and do the best you can to hold on to what you have!

Nothing counts more than staying smoke FREE!