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Bonfire: What do you think of this Bonfire Form to help calculate total cigarettes?

Question asked by Mark Employee on Jul 5, 2017
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It was great to see the Bonfire earlier this week rack up 2.8 million cigarettes avoided.  That is an impressive number.  As bonfires get bigger and bigger I've looked for ways that I can help the Bonfire leaders scale and be able to have additional people participate.  The adding of cigarettes avoided is a huge task.  I'm sure that those that have added them over the years will downplay what they did. I look at it and get overwhelmed myself.  To help facilitate future bonfires I've created an online form that works with an online calculator to calculate the total running number of cigarettes avoided. On an hourly basis or whenever they like.


This isn't to replace people stopping by the Bonfire thread to post a comment and toss their cigarettes in. That will still stay the same. It will just be one small additional step to complete. And it will give the Bonfire Leaders a free hand to be more interactive with everyone. This will also be a better way to calculate the number of cigarettes without someone copying and pasting to their own spreadsheet. Many hands, little work!


You can view the form and fill it out.  Please give your feedback on what you think in the comments below. 


EX Community Manager

Please Note: The output of the form is for the leaders of the bonfire to collect participants and get a running number of cigarettes avoided. It will not provide your individual number upon completing the form. You can find your individual quit stats by highlighting over your username and then click the little square "ex" logo in the pop-up profile or go to your community profile and then click on the My Quit Stats tab to see your numbers.