And The Roughage Is Nothing To Sneeze At  :-)

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Good quit foods for this time of year

Cherries Fresh or freeze them for a treat but watch the pits.

If You Leave The Stems On And Freeze Them, It's Easier to hold them by the stem and get the meat off without biting into the pit. The stem is attached TO THE PIT.

Only remove what you're going to eat from the freezer because once they thaw, they're mush.


Grapes Seedless

Grapes Black, Red, Green. Taste one before you buy at the store to make sure they are perfect.  THEN FREEZE THEM

Perfect for summer

Movin Movin Movin

Keep Your Bowels A Moving

So You Aren't A Suffering' Inside

The vegetables with help you

from packing in the poo poo

So eat your fruit and veggies


Wash em up, Pack em up

Freeze em up, Eat em up

Freeze em up, Eat em up


For 30 days or so, your peristalsis slows

Until, no nicotine resides

Rawhide, Rawhide, Rawhide.