I Thought You Needed To Know This

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Tomorrow Is Saturday.

If You're Bored, Take Some Of That Money You Aren't Spending On Smoking And Get A Craft Going.

I Latch Hooked Some Great Rugs After I Got Off The Road.

Do They Still Offer Adult Ed Classes?

I Took Photography, Furniture Rebuilding, Leaded Glass And My Contractors Law Classes In The Evenings.

      Seriously, Get Busy. Do Something Different. The Worst That Could Happen Is You Could Get Some Dopamine From Making Yourself Happy.

And Furthermore...

PS If You're Going To Hook A Wall Hanging. Use The Wool Yarns.

They Are Much Richer To The Eye. If You're Going To Walk On It, Use Acrylic Yarns. They Will Hold Up Better And Can Be Washed.