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Any Last Minute Tips?

Question asked by Diannnnn on Jul 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2017 by JACKIE1-25-15

I will be smoking my LAST cigarette soon! My plan is to put on a patch before I go to bed to help with the just woke up up, need a smoke to think craving. I didn't have a problem with sleeping with one a couple of weeks ago, so hopefully this will still be true.

I have a bag of carrots, broccoli and celery to take with me on the airplane, gum and throat drops, and some of those mini nicotine lozenges in my purse. Medical tape and patches in with my meds and I'm taking my big cool gear water cup with me. 

I cannot believe how happy and excited I am! I thought I would be more scared, but you all have helped me see that there is nothing to fear. This is the absolute best thing I can do for me and everyone around me.

Time to join the ranks of EX and non smokers!