300 wonderful days!

Discussion created by carloprivitera on Jun 27, 2017
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I thought it was impossibile just 300 days ago ... I had some hopes 200 days ago ... and the last 100 days flew by really fast with a lost of weeks where I was not even remembering to be a smoker.

I had my crisis an my cravings even in the last 100 days ... even in the last 10 days, but you know how to manage them and after a little effort, it's all gone again.

I owe you a lot for the great support in my first 100 days and I have a small message for all the new ones: this is a great community. All of us needs help ... we are drug addictive and there is a lot of people here that can really change our live.
Take it one step at the time ... one hour at the time at the beginning ... ask for help and read a lot ... understand what smoking is doing to you and what quitting means ...

It's a tough journey, but it is a wonderful journey ... I'm in the middle of it but I can wait to celebrate with all of you my first year of freedom.

All the best.