Hi...remember me???

Discussion created by smorgy8513 on Jun 22, 2017
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First of all I want to say that I am doing smoking (1417 DOF!) and physically I have been on break from chemo for almost 6 months.  I'll have another scan in mid July and dr thinks I'll probably start on Opdivo at that time.

I've had a number of "hi, thinking and praying for you" from friends here and I feel so loved by all the messages.   These came through on FB as well as Messenger.     Just goes to show that when you have a connection with someone it doesn't just go away when you take a break from life.  

Physically I'm struggling with bursitis in my hips, ongoing chronic pain in lower back and neck.    My right knee has been so bad over the last week that I have trouble with getting up from toilet (TMI?????) and doing the stairs.   (we have 19 steps on the outside of the house leading to our apartment).      I'll see dr today to get some ideas.     Warm pool therapy has been helpful but not enough.

I'm moving mid August.    I'll be living alone again (YEAH!!!), as some of you know the situation with my son and I living together has not been good at times.

Been lazy, gaining weight because I don't eat well and pick and eat in between meals.   

Looking for moving company that doesn't charge too much.   Cheapest estimate I've gotten is $705......can't afford that.   I've got some more names that I can call today.

I hope that everyone here at the EX is doing well.     I'll sit down later and try to read and catch up some.

I'll go now and do my pledge.     

Thanks for all the love and concern.