Hello quitting world!

Discussion created by gcor on Jun 19, 2017
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I've been smoke-free for three weeks today! I've been smoking since i was 17 (I'm 25 now) and 3 weeks ago I decided to do something good for myself.

I'm using the 21mg patch still and will continue for another week before stepping down. I've found that the patch pretty much took my desire to smoke away completely, aside from a few cravings here and there (and my habit was not a small one, let me tell you that...) What is more important, was that the patches allowed me to get used to a life without cigarettes. It's amazing how different your life actually becomes when it's not separated into 30-45 minute segments between smoke-breaks. I found that the hardest part was just adjusting from the behavior of walking outside and lighting up, to doing...well I guess anything but that! I've exchanged these behaviors with biting a straw or having a lollipop, but after about a week I didn't really need that exchange...I just started living life...

I'm scared, however, of what's going to happen once I'm off the patch...will I become dependent on the patch? Will I crave it? I just want this whole smoking thing to be over with already, and the patch regime is not a quick process (but this isn't a quick process no matter what)

So, I guess I just wanted to kind of see if anyone else has this worry, or if anyone had that worry but overcame it and successfully quit the patches, and how you did it. I'm tempted to just stop using them all together but don't want to sabotage my awesome progress. 

Also, does anyone get arm aches from putting the patch on your shoulder? I've really had a hard time with that lately.