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Successful quitting with patch?

Question asked by gcor on Jun 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2017 by Diannnnn

Hi guys,

I've smoked for the past 8 years, and finally decided that I was DONE! This is, amazingly enough, the first time that I have attempted quitting. I have gone 21 days without a cigarette (3 weeks!) and am extremely proud of myself. However, I have chosen the patch route, and have actually seen a lot of negativity as far as studies and rates of relapse. I'm still on the "step 1" patch (21 mg of nicotine) but after I use all of these I'm going to attempt step 2 and continue from there. Has anyone had success with the patches? If so how long have you been an ex? If you tried the patch, whether or not it worked for you, I want to hear how you did it, or what went wrong if it didn't end up working.

Thanks everyone!