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Hello group!  My name is Dian and I have COPD.  I am newly diagnosed and have read quite a bit, but know not everything always gets written down.  I am 54 years old and have smoked for 33 years.  I am 2 weeks away from my quit date and can use all the advice, support and warnings I can get.  My skin is pretty thick, so don't be afraid to lay it out however you feel is best.  I am exercising, learning to breath the right way again and trying to develop healthy habits that will allow me to live as normally as possible.


Thank you Thomas3.20.2010 for guiding to this group and for the valuable and interesting information you have made available!


If any of you think that I might be able to help you or answer a question, please never hesitate to ask. I will not answer a question I do not feel qualified to answer. I will research the heck out of whatever I say and be mindful of overstepping my bounds.





P.S.  I learned how to mention individual people.....yay me!