Request for TeleTech Quitters Group

Discussion created by SheretteWoods on Jun 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2017 by Mark
  1. What will be the name of your group? TeleTech Quitters
  2. What is the purpose, mission or common idea surrounding your group? To provide a group for TeleTech employees to talk about their journey in smoking cessation.We are promoting this site in our workplace to address the needs of employees who wish to quit smoking. A group will allow our employees from around the globe to "check-in" with each and talk about goals, workplace obstacles, succcess stories etc.
  3. Who will manage the group? Sherette Woods
  4. How would you describe your group to others? A group for coworkers to converse about quitting.
  5. What key words would you use to summarize your group? TeleTech_Quitters  TeleTech_Smoking_Cessation  TeleTech_Exers