Is second hand smoke a big trigger?

Discussion created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Jun 14, 2017
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Since quitting smoking I don't have time to speak with old work friends who still smoke; one of them quit about 6 months ago after a heart attack, 3 stints followed by open heart surgery for a triple bypass.  How much more advanced notice does he need? I told him about the website, but I can't quit for him.

How dangerous is for my little nicotine receptors (I sure hope they are shriveled pretty well by now) if I spend time outside with my friend while he is smoking?  I never grew to hate fresh cigarette smoke, nor do I feel the need to have one when we are spending 5 short minutes talking outside.  However I don't want to push it, and make the exposure something I "need" to have, and not something that is happening once or twice/week.

I sure hope, with NOPE in mind, and 450 precious DOFs, that I should let life happen around me and not be scared.

What would you say?