New to the site, any patch users?

Discussion created by lindyboo on Jun 13, 2017
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Hello from Atlanta! My name is Lindy, and I have been smoking about a pack a day for 10 years... been contemplating quitting the last 3 years. I recently cut back to 10 smokes, then down to 5, and at this point I started using the nicotine step 2 patch (3 days ago). I have taken about 3 puffs off of coworkers cigarettes in the last 3 days, but am committed as of today to puff no more! I just quit my bartending job in exchange for a nanny position that requires me to be smoke free. This definitely increases my chance of success,  but I also feel the patch is necessary while I'm transitioning. So far I've been noticing all of my psychological triggers and it's crazy how deep my addiction runs! The patch seems to wear off after 7 hours, and last night I took it off at dinner time and was fine until I put one on for work the next morning. Anywho, if anyone out there has successfully used the patch, I would love to hear from you... how long did you use it,  at what point did you taper down,  and do you think it eased your withdrawl? 

Thanks for reading, and lots of love to the veteran quitters and my quitting colleages