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Deluding Myself?

Question asked by Diannnnn on Jun 11, 2017
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I am new to the site and have been reading some posts and blogs.  I immediately got the feeling that maybe I don't belong because I am not using the cold turkey method for my first attempt.  I have reasons, but now I wonder if they are just excuses.  I am taking some prescriptions which include fairly high dose steroids which have me wound a little tightly.  Ok, that's my wording.  Those around me would probably say I am bouncing off the walls.


I have changed my diet, am using the patch and drinking tons of water, juice and green tea.  Haven't had a diet coke in a couple of weeks and play, "distract and delay" games before I allow myself to slip.


I'm wondering if there isn't a pretty good chance I am fooling myself thinking I can quit "gently".  Opinions?


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