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When are you a Non-Smoker

Question asked by Iamkfaz on Jun 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2017 by Giulia

I was reading the post by MichelleDiane about counting days and it brought up a question I have.  In reading her post, while I never actually considered not counting days, I really like that idea.  Start enjoying today instead of counting to something in the future.


My questions is when are you a non-smoker?  When I started running this same question came up.  The feeling being that just because I started doesn't actually make me a runner.  To become a runner, you need to work at it for awhile, maybe run a race.  I don't know if I ever reached the point where I felt I was a "runner".  This same feeling came upon me when I started painting pictures, I don't see myself as an artist but someone who just paints.


When are you a "non-smoker"?


Thanks, Karyn