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Nicotine aids???

Question asked by akerwin10 on Jun 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2020 by Minnowrockeek

Well tomorrow is the day I am going to get rid of this burden of nicotine addiction.. I am freaking out and calm at the same time but most of all I am nervous. I have tried many times to quit smoking and always end up back at it again and again... 

My question to the community is this, what is the best way to quit? By this I mean what is the nicotine replacement that has helped people here the most? I have tried many different things like gum and patches but did not have to much success, then again I do not think I really wanted to quit back then. I refuse to take Chantix or other things of that sort because I currently work at a pharmaceutical company to I know way to much about these pills that they are trying to pass off as a quit smoking aid. If anyone has any insight that would be greatly appreciated as I have already done the reading that people in this community recommended and am now ready to quit.