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Discussion created by DDfree on May 25, 2017
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So, I have 6 more days until my quit date. I am not exactly sure how I will reduce or wean down at this point. This site has been a great help! The people here are very inspirational and motivated about not only quitting smoking; but helping others as well. Support is a huge thing when it comes to fighting an addiction. Accountability, although sometimes tough, is necessary. The variety of plans, discussions, groups, and expert advice allows each individual here to choose topics, discussions, and groups that fit their situations. People that they can relate to. People they can chat with on a personal level! People who can direct and give them advice as well as hold them accountable. This site allows you to make your journey to quit smoking as personal as you want. You can identify triggers in your life that cause you to reach for a cigarette as well as learn how to replace that cigarette craving for something positive. You can set your quit date as well as study all the information this site has to offer to get a real grasp on your plan of action! This goal IS attainable! Will it be easy, not one bit! But nothing worth having comes easy right? But being ax ex is so worth it in the end! How bad do you want to become an ex? And what steps are you going to take right now to make that happen? You can do this! I can do this! Together, We can do this! Today I choose to #becomeanex! Best wishes and God Bless!