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Think again.  Look at the faces of these Virginia Beach Reunion EXers.




These people all began with the same fear and hesitation, the same longing to quit, the same falls and fails and doubts and angst.  Look at them now.  And imagine that you can look like them too.  Full of smiles, having an absolute BLAST without a cigarette dangling from your lips.  Without having to huddle in a corner with a face full of smoke.  Without that desperate need to run to the store.  This is what Freedom looks like.  And you can have it too.  Really you can.  


Just hang in.  Follow the plan here.  And follow the wise words and support offered by those who have so well trodden the path that you are on.  Trust us when we say - it WILL get easier.  But you have to hang in until it does.  Give it all you've got!  I promise you, it will be more than worth whatever you go through to get here.  ♥