For our Virginia Beach Gathering

Discussion created by Thomas3.20.2010 on May 19, 2017
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Although some of us won't physically be there with you, I know from past experience that we will be there in thought and spirit! So thinking of all you today in your Happy Reunion this prayer was recalled to my heart and mind:


O Eternal Trinity, my sweet love! You, light, give us wisdom. You, supreme strength, strengthen us. Today, eternal God, let our cloud be dissipated so that we may perfectly know and follow your truth, in truth, with a free and simple heart.


St. Catherine of Siena


The Truth of Addiction FREEDOM will flourish with your shared Communion as One!

Let your Wisdom blossom with a thirst for LIFE!

Let your Strength radiate throughout our Community!

Let all confusion, fear, and doubt melt away with the knowledge that you represent us ALL

in your Brother- and Sisterhood!

Safe travels and Best Wishes to each of You!