I know you all can see the buzz about the EX community......

Discussion created by Pops on May 18, 2017
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Most of you already know about what is happening this weekend in Virginia Beach, and that is exciting enough on its' own.  However, some members of the community that just recently joined may be some what confused, or thinking that they were left out of something special....Please let me explain just a little bit about this momentous occasion that happens once a year within the ranks of the community.

Each year about the beginning of summer, certain members like to get together at various locations across the country for an informal gathering of like minded EX smokers that are rejoicing in the beauty of being alive and free from the binds of nicotine addiction.  All year long, we read these great inspirational tidbits of wisdom and wit from the members here, and associate the words to an avatar.  Well, at these reunions, we get to put a face to an avatar, and meet physically for the first time after we have already pretty much undressed ourselves to one another in one form or another via internet.  It is quite emotional from what I have been told.  I always wanted to go to one, and just never seemed to have a quit together enough to attend one in the past.

ShawnP, god bless her, has continually beat the drum to me that I should make a commitment to attend one.  I met her in the Cleveland area @ a Cracker Barrel for breakfast right after they had returned from a reunion in Nashville and she was just beaming with pride wearing her new EX Tee Shirt....At that breakfast, she told me that as far as she knew....not one person who has ever attended a reunion has returned to smoking again!!!! Wowzer!  Think about that for a minute....did that sink in with you the way that it did for me?  I immediately thought to myself, well if there was ever a great excuse to get out of town for a little fun & adventure....this simply had to top the list of all time greatest motivators there are!!!!

So, I set out on my forever quit, and made sure to mark my calendar so that I would not miss the next reunion.  Luck would have it, this year is very close to my home (229 miles away) and I am easily off to attend.  Pops will be attaining a one year mark just two days after the reunion concludes, but you can bet my quit buddies Shashort, Jennifer, Shawn, Youngatheart, and countless others I couldn't begin to name them all....but we are going to be celebrating life all weekend long in Virginia Beach.  EX_5!!!!

So, think about that.  Try to make a commitment to attend next years reunion and get some insurance to throw in with your forever quit.

I have to finish packing and then I am off to ride into the sunrise @ 6:00 in the morning.

Enjoy your smokefree evening!

Pops 359 Days of Freedom