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After a very lovely and fun EX5 trip, I am back home. Most are staying until tomorrow but I had to get back to work.


Words cannot describe the feeling of meeting and visiting with everyone.  Start saving now for next years trip!  If at all possible, I will definitely be there.  Big Thanks to Michwoman and Strudel for organizing this trip.  Thanks to pir8fan for the transportation services that he provided.  And to everyone else that made this trip fun and successful.  I don't know that this is official - but Rick said this was the largest group yet! 


My trip home started very early this morning.  I arrived at the airport 6:30ish for a 7:10 take-off.  When going thru security, I was directed to another lane because I was "TSA Pre-check".  Not being a frequent air traveler, I was not sure what this meant.  But I followed instructions and realized that it is an expedited screening.  I was not asked to take off my shoes or take out any electronic devices such as laptops and cell phone.  I have since learned that it is something that you apply and pay for - and I have not done that.  Anyway, something in my bags triggered something.  Both my laptop and my cell phone set off an alarm.  They looked and looked at everything in my computer bag and my carry-on.  Came up with nothing.  But they were now required to do a pat-down.  This could have been done privately if I requested, but I did not.  Lets just get this over with.  I realize they are doing their job and unfortunately it is necessary in the world we live in.  It still made me feel a bit uncomfortable.


First plane took off late - making me fearful of missing my connecting flight in Atlanta.  Luck was on my side on this one - my Atlanta flight was delayed also.  So that all worked out.  All in all - arrived at Little Rock about 30 minutes behind schedule.  Went to pick up my luggage - and here comes mine but another lady picked it up.  And then I immediately saw another one identical to it.  I retrieved it from the carousel and realized that we had each others luggage.  A very helpful lady pointed her out to me - she was already getting in a car with my suitcase.  I ran screaming and waving my arms - and by some small miracle she saw me.  She was so happy that I caught it that she hugged my neck. 


I guess this really has nothing to do with smoking or not smoking but wanted to share Jennifer's wild adventure this morning.  Hope you all have good day.