Anyone currently on Weight Watchers?

Discussion created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on May 7, 2017
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If we thought moving to Jive was challenging, you should see me trying to understand how the new online

WW works. 

So here, is there anyone out there currently on the online version?

They have someone who can answer you 24/7, but the first thing I got was to go read the WW 101, which I had already, still can't figure out how to write a blog.

Just wanted to introduce myself and my goals, still can't find how

So I came here, to say hi to my friends who I know can see me and answer me if I ask a question...

Eventually I will figure out how WW works, and hey, I walked 30 minutes today, yay!

Thinking jealously of those of you going to the reunion, hubby lost his temp job again, so it was really not in the books for me this year.

But like Pops says I am rocking 422 DOF, and I am not smoking over not knowing how to operate on WW online!