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Happy Sunday to all the EX-ers out there. Very smart people who join this site because that means they want to really quit smoking, once & for all!!  It's now been 4 yrs since I got smart & had my last nasty cigarette!

This site and all my new found friends here helped to make that possible. To all the newbies on here, YOU CAN DO IT!!! I am so happy & have found new priorities in life. I am also a lot richer in my check book.


I was hoping to join up with everyone for the annual reunion & gathering as I did the year it was in Orlando. However, we are expecting our son & his family to arrive beginning of June. They continue to be international teachers in China, so we only see them once a year. We did go over last Jan-Feb for a month & enjoyed it so much. We have numerous projects to take care of before their visit & we are running out of time. My heart will be with all of you that weekend. I know it will be so much fun. Hope to get to next year's.


These are 2 of our precious grands we wait anxiously to see.