Mary Jane

Discussion created by Thomas3.20.2010 on May 5, 2017
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So I live in Colorado where recreational marijuana is legal. A lot of people my age have picked back up where they left off back in the 80s. I suppose some never stopped actually and others turned radically against it which is funny since back in the day they smoked up the biggest storm ever!

I personally like the fact that kids with epilepsy can get relief from their seizures, folks with glaucoma can get treatment that actually works with few side effects, and people with cancer can eat. I don't like that 20 year olds all over the nation are developing "back aches!" Yeah right! They give me a headache! So I guess you could say that I have mixed opinions. 

Just to be upfront I have smoked - sometimes in my life a substantial amount but currently do not - not because I have an aversion - I'm just not interested - been there, done that!

But what about treatment for COPD? Is it a good idea, a horrible idea, maybe something in between? 

I believe that inhaling smoke for us is damaging no matter what kind of smoke it is. But there are edibles. And there are derivatives with THC but no high, I guess. I'm pretty ignorant of the whole affair. 

Anyway, here is an article that might help sort some of this out:

Where There’s Smoke … Vaping, Marijuana, and COPD 

So what do you think?