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Discussion created by pongaselo on May 1, 2017
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So its been a little over 3 weeks and I have looked at some question or another every day. I think about the questions and problems and then write down what I think and how I deal. Sadly, I don't do this so much for the others quitting as I do for myself.  If I could guarantee a quit for someone else, I wouldn't have to work any more. People pay very well for having their lives saved.  I read the questions and problems and there is a common chord.  When things start going wrong for people, they don't come back, look at what worked for someone or ask for help. Instead, they cave, then after wasting all that effort, both theirs and the help from loved ones, they start all over more convinced than ever that they just can't manage life without cigarettes. Look, there are little platitudes, prayers, intellectual discussions, cheers, and almost anything else that you can imagine out there to help us stay off the junk. For me its getting mad, and trying to help others while I am really just reinforcing myself. Whatever. It works and that what matters. Its like paying dues for being a selfish *******. I know this language is offensive to many of you but I feel like the criticism must be forceful and unequivocal. None of us are just too weak to manage. Its just not that terrible to pass on the stuff. This is the voice of ignorance but I believe we create this weaknesses as excuses for failure. So no, I am not buying that if someone quits they will have their 13th nervous breakdown. Smoking will not make you sane, cure bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety or any other issues in my life or anyone else's.  I am not saying that your mind can't make you depressed, anxious, bipolar or insane. It can. It has nothing to do with physical addiction to nicotine though. So I Rant. I have convinced myself that it is some sort of penance and helps others.