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So if you are getting ready to quit and have smoked for a while, there are basically two emotions that will give you the drive to get it done. People  quit mostly out of fear. Fear for our lives, Fear of social ostracization, fear of harming someone close. There is too much emotion involved in the decision to quit to get into why.  If we are selfish enough, have a low enough opinion of ourselves, are easily influenced and willing to led around by those who do not care for out company, care so little for our family and friends, that we smoked cigarettes, we are less as people. We are the people that the scumbag used car salesman are hoping will step onto the lot. 

  Not very nice of me to put it like that. Some of us might feel sorry for ourselves. That is a valid response and exactly what the tobacco companies are hoping for. That emotional response will bring you right back to them even more convinced of your hopeless condition. Poor old me. Feels Sooo Good to wallow there. The hell with everyone and everything. Just jump back into the hog wallow.  

  FAce the facts.  We know its an unhealthy habit.  We know that we are hurting those around us. We know that in most cases, we are wasting money that could be used in a thousand better ways. We know that we have taken the good stuff out of the lives of those near us as they accommodate us  and our little problem. 

  We are selfish scumbags to let this persist. Do we really think so little of those that we love? We couldn't care less about ourselves obviously. 

Angry yet? Getting the car out of the rut and back on the road takes extra energy. The anger adrenaline thing is useful for me. I took the time to consider what an ******* I have been and got good and pissed off at myself.  I hate, I mean detest people who make a living out of other people's misery of any sort. Dictator or businessman, makes no dif to me. I don't know if it would help for anyone else and my opinions are just that, opinions. If they hit close to home for you, don't get mad at the wrong people. Its either the smoker or the guys who sell him the smokes. Everybody else is an innocent victim.