Why Me?

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That's a pretty common question for Folks to ask when they're chronically ill And of course we know that our decision to smoke and consequential Addiction brought our odds of getting COPD to 50%. But what are some of the other risk factors that may have contributed to acquiring the disease?

Did you know that manicurists have more risk than others? What about construction workers? Did your parents smoke? Do you have a childhood history of Upper Respiratory Infections?

Those are just some of the risk factors for COPD.

Here is an article explaining what things other than smoking contribute to COPD:

Stop blaming yourself! Yes, you made a mistake by smoking but now you have Quit Smoking. And despite what people imply with their insensitive questions about your smoking history that may not be the only risk factor in you life.

We may be sick but we're doing everything we can today to take care of ourselves.

It's interesting that folks with diabetes and heart disease don't come under so much scrutiny! Let go of the blame and get on with the task of Living Well!