Easy approach to quitting

Discussion created by aull on Apr 25, 2017
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This may not work for everyone, but it it worked for me. After more than 40 years of smoking I had my doubts that I could quit. My doctor put me on Chantix. (If not allowed to mention a product: a prescriptoin drug that blocks the nicotine receptors in the brain.) After 8 days, I put away my cigarettes and starting vaping ZERO NICOTINE e-cigs. The no nicotine is important here because I was this able to overcome my chemical habit but the vaping managed to satisfy my psychological habit. Through time I realized that I really did not need to vape, which is great since vaping is probably not exactly healthy for us either.


This is was truly an easy way for me to quit and I urge some of you to talk with your doctor about trying this approach. The key though is NO NICOTINE, I am really stunned that I was able to do this and have been smoke free almost four years.