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Discussion created by katherineu on Apr 20, 2017
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I have exercised all my life so when I quit smoking back in January I just trucked along with my regular routine at the gym.  Before I quit smoking I was always roughly ten pounds overweight because I never got back down to my real weight after having kids, give or take ten pounds I could stand to lose.  As of today I am 17 pounds fatter and life cannot suck anymore as a 40 year old fat woman.  This means I am about 30 pounds fat and entering the obesity stage!   I really thought I was fat back in January but this takes the cake, my clothes are tight, fat is sticking out everywhere, I cannot even look in a mirror without getting repulsed.  I never weighed this much during two of my pregnancies and maybe that is what is killing me is that I am fatter than I was pregnant, really?  Is this really happening?  I am considering my options, which is going back to smoking so I can go back to being 20 pounds lighter because I have DONE everything, drink water all day, eat real food, and exercise.  Is there any woman out here 40 and over struggling with weight, please give me advice because I cannot and I refuse to live my life as a fat person I cannot do it.  I have never been overweight and I am not even going to start at 40.