It's Our Party and We'll…

Discussion created by TerrieQuit on Apr 28, 2016
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I have been arguing and fighting with the billing office for my Dr.s and the hosp. over the bills and since I don't have a car I can't just drive right up there. I finally did get a ride there and after hours of digging through my very unorganized paperwork, I found proof of most of my payments. I couldn't find all of the proof so they are still making me pay some I know I already paid. They dug out bills clear back to 2013. I cried and felt so sorry for myself because I had planned to buy new scooter batteries and eye glasses with that money! But I have an allotted time of 15 minutes per day (says, my therapist). I had my party, I will pay them in monthly installments and still get my glasses. BF will help with the batteries for now! See you tomorrow for another party!