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The Best of EX

Question asked by dwwms on Apr 19, 2017
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I'm wondering how the Best of Ex works. I guess I just assumed that one could not just post something there. That it was maintained by admin with the Elders input as to what belongs there.

I ask because I noticed that Mark moved a post last night over to Conversations so it would more readily be noticed. This is true - I did not notice the post last night. I do not normally look at the Best Of Ex feed unless I am trying to educate myself about quitting, what to expect, things that work, etc., Not when I am just seeing what is currently going on in the community.

So here are my questions:

Should there be some sort of criteria before something is posted there?

How are the posts selected to be included?

Is there input from the elders on the site?


Would there be any way to categorize items located in the Best of Ex? For example, getting started, no man's land, beating triggers, etc.