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      I still can't get this platform to work for me.

                               We went from this


                                          To This




      I'm trying to figure out whether to open the site to all content newest first when I come on the site or to the home page.

      Here's what I'm finding works and doesn't work. (some of this has been mentioned previously but I include it because of the overall effect it has on how we helped people and what's still missing.

      If I go to all content, newest first. seeing all those different symbols down the list is just too confusing. So, that takes me to the home page.

I'm finding the homepage is more helpful with the two main lists for blogs and discussions.

Question: @Mark Does the home page auto update or do we have to refresh the page to update like on the old platform?


      I went to a post in the discussion list on the home page to fix a typo.

It pushed the post to the top of the discussions list. Then I refreshed the all content, newest first page but nothing had changed on that page.

(And it wouldn't matter except I want everything to work the same so I know what to expect, otherwise, it's confusing.)


      With the incongruity of this platform and functions missing such as checking in on people other than a PM by reading their message board to see if they are doing ok from the conversations on their page or by knowing if they are onsite so you could try to reach them right then.

I'm finding it difficult to find ways to be of help without the tools we used to have and frankly, difficult to help new members.


      Consequently, I'm finding myself spending way less time on the site.