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Although this article was written for the elderly, it certainly applies for me  (at 59 I don't classify myself as Elderly yet!)  and I hope you consider the chance that it helps you, too!


"Empowerment techniques are central to reducing the severity or frequency of exacerbations, preventing hospitalization, and improving health-related quality of life."

In this study 3 strategies were applied in “Managing Life with COPD”:

(1) Striving to keep abreast of life

  1. Information seeking
  2. Learning to lead a life with COPD
  3.  Participation in care
  4. Independence seeking
  5. Promoting socio-psychological capacities.

(2) Preparing for battle with disease

  1. Using effective training techniques
  2. Accepting the role of the elder family member in treatment
  3. Development of knowledge and professional skills.

(3) Helping to stabilize the elder's life.


The outcome of these strategies was "co-existence with disease."