Hi everyone

Discussion created by Mandolinrain on Apr 17, 2017
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Am using my phone to type this and it's very small and annoying and hard to type on so this is gonna be short.


Our internet out here in tin buck two is messed up and they are working in it, therefore I'm using my phone that's hooked up with Verizon but I can hardly type well, sorry.


Dr Heddlesons office called and need to reschedule my appt to get my test results so who knows now when that will be. Discouraged but no news is good news and nothing seemed urgent. So that's good.


Finally getting things started at new build site. Excavation took huge delay due to rain , I think Gods testing my patience. I need to slow down. As usual I have many pans in the fire at once. Not good but I recognize it and we are making adjustments. All is well.


hope you all enjoyed a a great easter. We had a nice one. Once things slow down and our computer is up again I'll be here more again. 


 welcome to all the new ppl coming in. Stay close to the site ... so much awesomeness here I can't begin to express. You can learn from everyone here, new and old. Take what you need and leave the rest attitude, helped me when I was new here.


another beautiful day here. In the 60s which I LOVe and sunbit out! I headed out now too.

stay well and smoke free:)