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13 days in and real short breath :(

Question asked by Gemj on Apr 16, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2017 by jimmie-a-littrell

Hello everyone one I have smoked for 30+ years and 2 1/2 packs for the last 3 years . 13 days ago I went to my doctor very short winded and he checked me out did an ex ray and chest looks fine and he gave me a rescue inhaler if it got bad and two different powered ihailers that only used for two days because I don't want to become dependent on unless it's truly necessary. I have not touched a cigarette since that visit 14 days ago and felt much better and breathed better without the meds than I have in a very long time but this morning starting getting very short breath again and use the powdered ihailer and it manageable now but not as good as last week. I have read on the internet that some people that quit have this sob after quitting? Has anyone experienced this and if so does it get better? The doctor said the X-ray did not show anything .


Thank you Gordon