Quit Motivators

Discussion created by suzanne-bridgeland on Jan 25, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2009 by karen-williamson
My reasons to quit smoking:
  Smoking contradicts the reason I pay $80 a month for my inhalers TO BREATH!!!
  Smoking causes skin to show aging earlier and I use Mary Kay to slow that process down!
  Smoking causes teeth to become stain and I use EVERY whitener to keep them looking good
  Smoking causes me to smell bad, and I have the greatest smelling shampoo and body wash sprays and lotions!
  Smoking costs me $120 or more a month and I am always whining about being broke!
  Smoking causes me to have a hard time working out, and I LOVE to stay in shape!!!
  Smoking is causing my granddaughter to imitate me! YUCK!!
  Smoking is slowly killing me-and I am not ready to die!!
  Smoking is going to be the reason I become one of those people who have an O2 tank every where they go-and I DO NOT want to be one of those people!!!