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Discussion created by debr on Dec 4, 2012
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Hi to all!!  My name is Deb and I'm a Born-Again Christian.  I live in Rhode Island AND I have been smoke-free for 4-weeks and 1-day.  Others tell me it should be easy at this point in my quit, yet I feel a continual state of anxiety.  I DO NOT want to sacrifice the past 30 days that I fought so hard to get.  Things have been difficult lately, healthwise.  I discovered that I have a blockage in my heart last week, and yesterday my doctors informed me that I need a biopsy for a suspicious mass in my breast.  I've already had an extremely large tumor removed from the same side some years ago.  My husband is a reformed smoker of 3 years after going through lung cancer surgery.  It upsets me that I get very little support from him.  This is my plight.  I know that The Lord led me to this quit through a chain of people.  I do not want to disappoint Him or myself for that matter.  I'm hangin' on in Rhode Island!!!!!