Some of You May Know That I Blew My Quit.......

Discussion created by debr on Jan 2, 2013
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I am not sure if this group's blod shows up under the daily blog posts, but I had to chance this and write it.  I, by choice, blew my quit a few days back.  I've done everything since then to see what happened and where I went wrong.  A couple weeks before it happened, I wrote a blog saying that I was basically in bad straits.  Half of the responses were inspirational while the other half were that of 'yelling and screaming' at me.  I wrote to someone that I believed I could trust and that went extremely well.  I've decided not to put "all of my apples" into this website.

At any rate, the makers of this site suggest a two-week wait before coming back from a 'slip'.  Well, I do not agree with that.  I never did agree even for someone new.  I feel strongly that that is way too long, and typically you only need  a few days to collect your everything in order to quit.  I came back right away because my life depended on it.  Through intent reading, I discovered that I was looking at my quit all wrong.  I had given the endless craves too much power.  Instead, I only needed to let them be and accept them for the type of 'energy' that they were rather than fight to the death with them.  Well, I lost the fight.  Now, I've jumped out of the ring and am practicing acceptance until it sticks!!!  Only then can I win this battle and can win the war against smoking!!!   Deb.