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Discussion created by carol-t on Nov 6, 2013
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I was starting to feel bad and tired. Finally donned on me when I woke and my lungs were burning that I went out and had coffee and a cigarette. I began to get mad at myself. I 1st cut way back, I had stopped for a short time with this cutting back then stopping. I was smoking an all natural cigarillo at that time.  About 12 days into this I had a heart attack and was hopitalized for 4 days. I came out and did not smoke I think 8 days. I was glad in the hospital I wasn't craving that bad. I developed a blood clot with phlebitis in my varicose vein leg. It hurt like hell. I knew I had to go to emergency. My husband lit  a cigarette and I said give me one. That was the end of that. It didn't dawn on me I could pretty easily do it again. I went on smoking but always after that tried to cut down and never smoked as much as a package. We moved back to Nevada 2 Yrs. ago in Sept.  It dawned on me we were a bout the only ones in most groups that still smoked. This embarressed me. Of course all the news is out that cigarettes are very bad for us.I was buying ours on line and paying about 1/2 of regular price. Good excuse to go on, never mind they are just as unhealthy if not more  so. I finallygot it through my head I needed to just  get started. My Dr.,about 6 Mos. earlier, had written a Rx for Chantix. Drug store said couldn't fill it as she now wanted more paper work  I went back and found she was requiring you join American Lung Assocition for $15.00 and so I did. With a reciept she wrote the Rx. I set a quit date and started the Chantix. I got a invitation to my nieces wedding late as she didn't realize we had moved. My one sister called to see if I would ride with her so we could smoke. I had'nt quit yet anyway was cutting back on the Chantix starter kit.  I went and did not smoke a lot on whole trip. When I got back thought I need to chnage that date as will feel less stress if I'm more familiar with the process. I had already joined this site too.  I did quit on the date, Oct 30,2013. I have lollowed the programs as best I could and not smoked. My nerves are better and slowing down enough to follow the instructions better. I first thought my lungs have really detereorated to nothing. I had a mmamogram just before moving here 2 Yrs.ago.They thought they saw a lesion on my lung on the x-ray so had me do an MRI, no lesion but my Dr. said found a 'tiny' bit of emphysema. I could tell myself someone living in Phoenix prboably has that without smoking. I lived up in the mountains in AZ. We had lost a daughter and our Granson in that house. She a heart condition and he a freak accident. I could no longer tolerate the house. My kids are 1 in NV andd one close in CA. We moved back. It was hectic. My lungs have gotten better after 8 days.I had been prescibed an atomizer but we changed Ins. and the cost was $75.00. I got through medicare a nebulizerand Albuterol. I have never been able to take it while smoking, it made me worse.  After about 3-4 days I tried it again. It still made me worse. Maybe I draw it to far down and hold it down to long. I will read the directions better. I'm happy today to be able to say goingon 8 days. I'm not known for patience but this has been so worth it. I sure pla on being an EX for as long as I live. Don't have to search for a place to do i,. be embarressed and all the inconvenient things. Thanks for all the help. Carol Turner