Starting over at DAY 31....just so you don't get confused

Discussion created by schoney50 on May 3, 2013
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I have been remanded that I slipped  on the 7th day after my quit day...soooooo instead of 38 days of no smoking I am declaring I am now on DAY 31...remember there are rules set somewhere..(let me know if you find them) about the way to count your days of non smoking....If you even put a lit cigarette to your mouth you must start all over again!!! Be warned....there are things called NOPE..meaning Not One PUFF Ever?  I hope I got that right...Someone who has been here for awhile needs to blog on this site and tell all the Newbies the rules...we are not informed and then chastized for not knowing...because the name of the group is NEWBIES TOGETHER we did ask for help from all the elders on here to show us the ropes...and not just hang us from

More questions arise everyday from the now 47 members of Newbies Together and we do love chatting and socializing that is how we support each other..we care about how the day is going and what problems and stresses we each is a group to help each other and find our way together in this new clean air atmosphere...we love taking deep breaths and counting to 8  and yes some of us have made it to counting slowly to 8 breathing in  and then exhaling slowly to 8 is NOT easy when you are used to just inhaling through your mouth and sucking smoke into your your stomach goes up and can feel the bottom of your lungs getting clean air and great oxygen.....when you exhale you can feel the carbon dioxide expelling all the impurities from your once smoked filled lungs...your thoughts are easier...your energy is getting greater everyday...and you can walk parts of your neighborhood you could only drive by before!  Parks are becoming one of your favorite doesn't matter that there is NO SMOKING in them..YOU DON'T SMOKE now!!!  The Mall is much more inviting..and you even have a little more money in your wallet...even a lot more money in your wallet...from $5-$10 more a day!!

This "quitting" has so many more benefits than just smelling better!!!  Keep staying positive and know that if 47 people are now your new friends.... that is a lot of support from people who know EXACTLY what you are going through!!!  Newbies are TOGETHER and we are strong and committed to do this TOGETHER!


Barbara in SC