I have an appointment with a Pulmonologist soon.

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Hello Everyone,

  I have an appointment with a Pulmonologist soon. My hope is that I can find out exactly what type of COPD I have and optimize my treatment. I don't want him to miss anything. Wait, I'm sure he will be thorough, but I'm so used to my VA Dr. not addressing anything unless I bring it up, that it has kinda forced me into self diagnosis. I want to ask the right questions. I have been keeping a log on my meds, excercise, diet, blood O2, etc. since I quit smoking(coming up on a month), hoping I could spot some pattern. I think I am still suffering from an acute Bronchitus bout that started last Late Nov. I did a battery of anti-biotics and prednazone, but never really got too much better. This was the second year that I got bronchitus, even though I was diagnosed with COPD in 2003(i think) I believe My particular COPD is of the Chronic Bronchitus variety.  

   Anyway, any suggestions and/or experiences with Pulmonologists would be well received. Thanks, John