Hi Everyone it's already April 7th!!

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I hope all of you had a great weekend and sailed through another two days of your QUIT!  I am now on Day 12 and can't believe that I am doing this!!  I even went fishing today with my granddaughter and as I was driving towards the beautiful Cooper River dock in Charleston I realized I have never gone fishing and not smoked ....It was going to be rough to just sit and wait for a fish to bite and do nothing but chat with my pretty grandgirl. 

 I don't know what I was worried was soooo easy!!!  I had brought some sub sandwiches and was hot and sunny and even wore shorts for the first time this year...don't ask about the sunburn...duh..white winter legs and hot sun..without sunscreen bad combination! But oddly enough to pass the time we had some fun entertainment, which totally took my mind off of smoking...seems a lot of boaters didn't check the tide table I forgot to!   We were just planning to  fish on the dock but boat after boat  was launched in the low tide and as it got lower there were about 6-8 boats stuck in the mud...became a comedy to see which poor boater would try next to rev the motor and get out to some water...all we saw was plumes of mud flying.  I shouldn't have been so amused because we couldn't cast far enough to even hit the  We were on the docks of the west creek of the river so we packed up and went across the road to the East creek.....just as we were getting there I saw a little puppy sitting by it's owners tied to the dock..he was straining and straining that leash to try to jump off the dock into the mud...well just as the owners had turned their heads that puppy jumped right in...I dropped my pole, cooler and gear and ran down the ramp yelling that their dog was sinking in the mud...The owners were a young couple who I guess didn't understand the draw of something new to a German Shepherd puppy....I own a 9 yr old GS so I know how they are...the young guy grabbed the leash and gave a sharp tug..well of course a puppy filled with really wet mud would slide right out of the collar and the time I got to them he was almost up to his snout in mud and pedaling frantically..I flattened myself on the dock and grabbed the puppy by the scruff of his neck and his tail...he wasn't happy but he was surprised to be on the dock in a flash...I got back up as the young man went to put his arms around the dog...but puppy was faster..he shook from head to tail...I came away with a bunch of mud dots on me but his new owner was covered from head to foot and especially all over his face...seeing just two surprised eyes and a shocked wide mouth I burst into granddaughter was hysterical and then I realized that I could have never run down that ramp and onto the dock 12 days ago without gasping for breath....what a difference just  few days of not smoking has made!! I have a forever puppy friend. and a newfound love of being a non smoker..and yes you can have a great time doing all the things you used to do without bringing a pack of cigarettes and the cloud of gray smoke with you!!  We didn't catch a thing but I did learn that life is so much sweeter without smoking!!! Let me know how your weekend went and what you did to "Keep busy"!  {{{{{HUGS}}}}}   Barbara in SC (Schoney50)