Hi All i really need help have tried several times this year

Discussion created by dnktat on Dec 28, 2014
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Hi, i really need to stop smoking and have tried several times this year, i quit 2 day's ago, slipped 3 times on the first day, i have gone 10 day's maybe having 10 cigarettes the entire time, i know that doesn't work, and i get frustrated and just strart back up again. i'm using the patch from 1800 quit,i have to call and see if i can join again, i'm not sure how many strikes you get before they can't help i'm calling today. i'm not sure what my triggers are because i'm pretty much a chain smoker. I get out of breath really easy and hate it. one thing i'm doing this time and i know it sounds stupid, i'll close  my curtains first lol but i will start from one end of the  house to the other end and run, i hate running and can't run, so reminding myself how out of breath i am and hacking just might help. I have my grand baby at least 2 times a week and enjoy every second of it. She is the apple of my eye, i have an 11 year old step grand daughter but i consider her my grand daughter and 2 years ago my son and his wife were pregnant with twins, during the pregancy the little girl wasn't growing as fast as her brother, mom had to stay in the hospital 2 weeks due to bp going up at 23 weeks they had to deliver Chandler, Leelyn passed the day before, he was born 1lb 8 oz,  he was a fighter from the get go. 3 months in the hospital with bumps in the road, but he never stayed still arm over matress formed to him, leg hanging out, pulled out his tube, scrunched his little legs up under his tummy. And i'm happy to say now he is a monster lol i believe he is going to be a mountain climer. he has no fear, and he is always smiling, you tell him no and he just looks at you and smiles he can't come to my house because of the second hand smoke, they just found out they are expecting again a real surprise and so i my daughter, i don't really do a lot but last summer i started metal detecting plan on doing more this summer something i have wanted to do for years. i don't really do a lot i'm on a very tight income, but i alway's say it could be worse, and i'm  hoping quitting will get me off my butt. So Thank you for reading my post i can really need the help.