April 18 2013

Discussion created by schoney50 on Apr 18, 2013

Can you believe there are now 25 members of our group who have decided to quit and are banding together to help each other out?  How wonderful!!!  Wherever you are in your journey to quit...Day 1 or Day 75...Planning your quit day or slipping and sliding...and started again...I am so proud that you have decided that life is really worth living a healthier and happier way...every day you gain new confidence...every day you come up against some situation you remember from your ole days and smile ..".I can do this..been here before and I am still NOT smoking"...just remember this is an addiction that is very sneaky....having a cigarette will NOT get rid of stress!!!  It will not make someone less crabby...even you!  And it will not keep you from feeling hungry or sad or angry or just makes you feel stinky, coughing, breathless, and broke!  I love taking a shower in the morning and it does last all 2nd shower to go out to you don't offend the people around you can go anywhere..anytime..and not have to do the "clean up " ritual...brush your teeth, freshen up your hair and clothes...and don't forget to bring the  you have it is just ...get the keys, $ (of course you dohave money now that you don't buy cigarettes everyday!)...Just GO!  Those two words are becoming  my mantra...JUST the the the movies..for a bring the trash the kids soccer the gas need to pack up the smoking need to bring a drink...gum...mints...just GO...I love the new freedom you gain by giving up cigarettes and it is NOT scary!! It is the way life is meant to be.

This week I am going on a little vacation with my two favorite husband of 43 years and my Dad  of 63 years lol...Dad is 88 and healthy...he is not sure he remembers when I didn't smoke but his is so happy that the cloud of stink will not be going with us on this husband too..he never said anything for 43 years ..he is a non smoker...but I find he smiles at me a lot more and hugs me tighter and tells me how proud he is of my decision and sticking to it!

Have a great week...Everyone blog and see what topics you can come up with...ask questions and get to know each other..we have an amazing strong interesting group of new friends..and we have a lot more that just" quitting" in common.  I will be back soon ...stay healthy and happy...and don't light up even one is never worth it!!  Yeah to my first non smoking vacation!!!! 


Barbara in SC  (Schoney50)