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It's 9:23pm I'm in bed my day is over a guess what? I won that's right! It's time to stay true to day 2! How did I make it? I stayed ahead my feet didn't hit the floor unless I had a plan (no room for stinkin' thinkin') So I got up ate breakfast and did laundry motivated by the smell of clean and let's not forget the thorough brushing (nicodemon still try to squeeze in) but I keep busy I mopped my living room 3 times and gave my sofas a long overdue vacuum. I was finally able to breath YES I beat it! And for the rest of the day I didn't look back I want to especially thank my friends that kept me busy on here. I only chewed 2 NRT gum today I thought I'd need 3 but I'm doing great without it. Goodnight Time to stay true to day 2! -Kimberly