Thank you to all my encouraging friends!!!!

Discussion created by schoney50 on Apr 14, 2013
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I have made it to DAY 19 and I am NOT smoking and really enjoying the way I feel now...I noticed for the 1st time that when I mowed the lawn on Friday I did NOT have a runny nose..I did NOT cough..and have to wear a mask to keep the pollen away from me...and I didn't have to take a few breaks (that used to include a  cigarette) to catch my breath!!! I mowed the whole big yard...and still am not having any breathing problems or sinus problems..all these years I blamed it on pollen and grass..the allergist did tests but always found I KNOW it was smoking that was the culprit!!!  YIKES!!  I can't wait to go to the park today and see the azalea bushes  that are in full bloom and as high as trees..all different colors too!!  LIfe is GREAT when you aren't smoking!!

Thank you for all the encouragement...keep it coming I am so proud of all of you for staying QUIT and keeping me so motivated!!! I am a non smoker and loving it!!


Barbara in SC (Schoney50)