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Hi Everyone...hope you had a great day...of course I had the worse day yet...not from cravings but from that was a big test for me to handle.....BUT was a great learning day too.

From my house guests leaving early in the AM for their flight home..and I had a lovely breakfast ready for them at 6 AM  while my eyes were still closed...... then I missed my apt for acupuncture which at this point I needed more than ever for stress relief...yikes...then the quick visit at the doctor's to check my blood...getting night sweats..since I am 63 that would not be unusual but for me it was...I was dehydrated...soooo now I am getting bloated with Gatorade and Ice water!   The choice was tons of fluids or an IV at the ER for a few hours..... Then I went clothes shopping this afternoon, with all the "Fluids" I looked more for restroom signs than sale signs!!!  Oh I lost 11 lbs from right before I decided to quit and I haven't gained at all!!!

At one point I saw a woman come out of a store and light up a cigarette.... instead of craving one to just "get rid of the stress"I had been piling up all day...I remembered that having a cigarette does not eliminate the reason for stress or the problem of just makes me stink...and then  the embarassement of a admitting defeat by smoking one lousy on DAY 17 I held my head high....took a deep breath and walked right out of the mall feeling very confident.... then the skies opened up and the worse thunder and lighting downpour started.   Before I could get halfway to the car I had dodged two puddles and ran through the stream of the sewer and some well meaning teenager collecting carts announced to me..."April showers bring May flowers"....I just wanted to swat him with the shopping bags that were now dripping...Sometimes cheerful people should have a warning light blinking so you can avoid them...hmmmmm.  

It was tough but  I still did not give in the the stress and I did get everything done that I planned to do...DAY 17 still no cigarettes  I am proud of being able with the help of your support to celebrate 17 days of a new habits and much more fun and deep stinky ole me...and living a new way but the best way ever!   Well now I have to fill up the Gatorade again and get some sleep.It's only past 9 PM..can you tell I am NOT an early bird!!   Let me know how you handle stressful rough days..what do you do,  or think about to get through them...and keep strong and healthy....send you lots of 


Barbara in SC  (Schoney50)