April 15 2013

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Does everyone here have a quit day or have they already passed it?  I would love for you to share with all of us how you got through that first all important day...

For me the night before as I was going to bed was the beginning of my 1st day of being smoke free...I took the remaining cigarette in the last pack I owned and ripped it up and dumped it in the trash can..I also added the lighter I had..the only one left ..and the only ashtray left husband gladly took the trash out for me!!! He was smiling and I was smiling!

DAY I I woke up filled with a combination of excitement and fear...a whole new wonderful thing was starting in my life..I have never know my adult life without husband has never know me when I didn't children and grandchildren only knew the person who had to have a cigarette break every few hours....I just got up ...let my dog out and stood on the porch just taking one deep breath after another and enjoying that a cigarette was not in my hand..I was not starting to cough as I inhaled and the trail of smoke was not blowing across my face.   Different but better!  I made myself breakfast..not coffee and another cigarette...a real breakfast..most smokers don't eat breakfast...but I had an egg, bagel, fruit or a yogurt..filling up with good things.  After breakfast I got into the car and headed to the library to get some wonderful books to keep my mind and hands busy...on the way there I stopped and got gas...same place I always did..and paid at the pump...we pump our own gas stop before the library was Azalea Park.....why not..I was going to use my time today trying a different route and a different outlook...the pond was noisy with ducks..egrets were wading in the stream..and the air was great...I felt like I needed a cigarette....YIKES!!!  ok breathe...breathe....look at the the clouds..they are clean and pure..not smoke filled....when you see smoke there is is not good..cigarettes cause smoke and fire..the clouds bring sweet air and rain...good things.....from then on I decided to keep only clouds of clean air around more smoke and stink....

The library was peaceful and I found lots of great books to read...came home..had a fruit smoothy that you just throw in the blender with some juice and even put a straw in it..  Before I knew it two hours had gone by and I was so interested and drawn into the book I was reading.  But it was time for ....NOT a cigarette I wahed my face and make a sandwich and took a walk to the mailbox ...talked to a neighbor, switched laundry and still did not have a cigarette...ok so I did do a little victory dance for getting through the morning but it was fun and silly.    The afternoon was filled with lots of phone calls and computer work...drinking ice water...getting up and stretching my legs but eating on a grape sucker (lollypop) kept my mind off a cigarette I knew it was time for dinner...I made one of my favorites...shrimp scampi..and after dinner I took a walk around the block with my husband...just was starting to rain but still it felt great to just breathe!!!  I picked a tv show that I normally don't watch to prevent the "commercial cigarette break" and learned something about living in Alaska, Montana and North Carolina as a Mountain noticed how they didn't smoke cigarettes...they used their lungs to chop wood and draw water and set traps for food to survive..After a shower... which was nice to not stinking from the day...I went to bed tired but really hopeful that day 2 would be starting in a few hours..and I went 24 hours without a cigarette ...I CAN DO this!!!  It is a wonderful experience to know you can do what you want...and  it is not impossible!!   Let me know how you got thorugh your first is helpful to all the newbies who haven't gotten to their quit day yet and it makes you remember how far you have come day by day and how amazing we are to do this for ourselves and our health!

Keep breathing and smiling...You can do it!!!!

{HUGS}  Barbara in SC  (Schoney50)