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Hey thewre, fellow Christians, I've been talking with Mark, one of the leaders of the Ex Community and he gave me some info regarding what's going to be happening with ours and others' groups and so I thought I'd just copy and paste what he wrote to me.


"The groups are a little different in the new community. We're going to be consolidating similar groups together in the new community so that people with similar interests are together.  So your group will likely be combined with some other groups.  Also in the new community members cannot just create new groups.  We want groups to be effective so we're taking a new approach to ensure that they are. Content from existing groups will be moved over into a new home on the new community. That won't be lost. :)"



So it looks like we'll be placed under a different name, depending on what the new Christians' group name will be.  But please be sure to become amember of the new group so that we will still allbe together and hopefully, we'll have a lot of other members in there with us. 

Mark also said, "More to come in the next couple of weeks.

God bless you ALL!!!!!!